We will gladly accept and evaluate unsolicited manuscripts, but highly recommend most prospective authors to submit an informal query first. An ideal query letter will include the following: brief author biography (basically tell us who you are and why you should be the author of your book); both a “snappy” synopsis (one or two sentences) and a slightly more complete description (a few paragraphs) of the book you want to write. We also need to know if the book is already written and if not, when you think it might be done. For more complex ideas, an outline is suggested.


It is extremely helpful if you can provide casual market research and give us a couple examples of other books yours might be “like”. For example, if you want to write a book on Northwest widgets, you should tell us what other widget books are out there, why yours is needed, and what your approach to the topic will be. Here’s how a good query on the widget example might look—“There are a few widget books available, “Widgets of the World” is a best-seller, and “The History and Wonder of Widgets through the ages” is the standard in the widget community. Both these books cover widgets throughout the world, but barely touch on the Northwest widget community, which is both vibrant and growing. My book will highlight the Northwest’s proud legacy and future in widgets . . . My writing style for this project will be conversational and relaxed, with a touch of humor (like War and Peace).


In short, if you are interested in writing a book, contact Jeff Bolkan ( with your idea. We are glad to work with first-time authors as well as seasoned professionals. If you’ve already written a book that you think we should publish, send it electronically.


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