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Dragon of the Federation: Hardbound

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Ingal Jehai is an ancient Gold Dragon who rules over the White Lands Federation. At over two-thousand years old, his age is beginning to wear on him. Pushing the limits of her courage, a young and powerful mage, Torra Com Gidel, ventures to Ingal’s palace to deliver a dire warning from wrathful gods. When an elvish prince is assassinated in Ingal’s court, the dragon and the mage team up to investigate. As war brews between three nations, the pair uncover a vast conspiracy by the elves to let loose domineering gods upon the land, aided by the ruthless Iron Dragon, a vicious elvish warrior-cleric, and powerful renegade spells. If Ingal and Torra fail to stop the scheme, the world of Irikara—and its wild magic—will be lost forever.

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