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Footman of the Ether - Trade

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Who can fathom the motives of a demon?

Azartial, demon-dragon, is meddling in the affairs of men. Disguised as a human mage, he conspires with a mysterious cult and the Emerald Dragon to destroy an entire town and its institute of magic. When Torra Com Gidel, a young mage with untapped potential, comes to investigate the destruction of her hometown, the demon seems to side with her and her companions.

Drawn to the energies of the renegade magic used todestroy the town, the Gold Dragon, Ingal Jehai, suspects the sinister Triumvirate Gods are at the root of it. Complicating matters, a cruel general from the Southlands also seeks a powerful artifact that can restore his family to the imperial throne. Azartial schemes to draw them all together.

But to what end?

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