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Tripping the Field: An Existential Crisis of Ungodly Proportions

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Tripping the Field: An Existential Crisis of Ungodly Proportions is a wild ride through some pretty unstable literary terrain! Empiricist scientist, Professor Michael Huxley tumbles, stumbles, strides, and crawls through the jungles of South America, the mountains of Tibet, and the backwoods of Colorado in search of enlightenment and the hope of saving the world from a religious cult that has discovered a dark shortcut to the power of quantum realities.

Huxley finds himself drawn into an adventure with his best friend, fellow professor Eden Jessep, a group of Special Forces commandos, a stunningly beautiful Peruvian Special Agent, and a precocious little girl from a mysterious tribe. Massacres, monsters, translocation, love, and a pit filled with skulls all get tossed into the teapot to brew as the group struggles to find a way to stop the cult’s leader before he gains godlike power.

Touching on philosophy, physics, hallucinogens, addiction, and religion, Tripping the Field leavens these serious topics with irreverence and just enough absurdity that you’re left understanding that this ridiculously funny and often tense joyride is absolutely true.

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