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The Fragile Blue Dot: Stories from Our Imperiled Biosphere

"Perceptive tales that boast memorable characters and a potent, sweeping message." - Kirkus Review
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Climate change, food insecurity, carbon footprints, environmental justice, global warming—questions of staggering consequence that inflame emotions, generate fierce debate, and resist quick fixes and easy answers. West tackles these complicated issues through fifteen timely and thought-provoking tales that explore how the problem affects everyone—from businesses and industry to workers, families, and endangered species—in big and small ways.
Although there are no simple or convenient solutions, The Fragile Blue Dot—Stories from Our Imperiled Biosphere presents compelling narratives for change that will stay with you long after you’ve read the final page.

In addition to the many literary awards earned for the individual stories, The Fragile Blue Dot has garnered early praise from reviewers, including a “Get It” recommendation from Kirkus Reviews with the title “Perceptive tales that boast memorable characters and a potent, sweeping message.”

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