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bohemians, byways & bonfires

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Check out the Good Ol' Grateful Deadcast podcast: Sunshine Daydream: Veneta.


Beginning at the 58:19 mark, listen to Camille Cole discuss the bus farms around Eugene and her new book The Midnight Show: bohemians, byways & bonfires.


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Praise for
The Midnight Show

During the early days of Oregon’s famous Country Fair, the Midnight Show was more than a magical conduit for pranksters and sparkles and fandangle; tofu and patchouli and drum circles; sword swallowers, fire-eaters, and magicians; or even a wedding venue. It was a stage shared by icons of the counterculture, lovers, children and family, and those of us finding our way through.


From exploring her roots in Upstate New York to finding her people among a community of young mavericks who gather in fields building their traveling village, free-spirit Camille Cole takes us along for the ride on her life-altering journey across America’s heartland—where prairie dust and hemlock and mossy woodland give way to wild iris and forests of fir and the wild free days of the bohemian renaissance happening on the West Coast.


From the opening scene, this extraordinary life story reads like Jeanette Walls imagined by Neil Gaiman. Enthusiastically recommended.”

—  Bob Bickford, author of A Blueberry Moon for Corah

“ . . . it’s gripping, and really tells a story that most people will never experience, the bus world and the tangled relationship agony . . . wow. I stayed up late reading it. (Cole) did an incredible job illuminating the hippie ethics and unrealities that we all took as doctrine for how life should be, over and over till we got old enough, and hurt enough, to get ourselves to safety. Big Cheers! Well done. Wow!”  

—  Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia


“Cole makes the rare alchemic, quantum leap from past to present, evoking the sentiment of what a short, strange trip it’s been. (The Midnight Show) does a hypnotically fine job of making those days once again come alive—not just on the page—but in the minds of all of those who were there, and all of those who wished they were.”

—  Cameron Stauth, best-selling author of In the Name of God

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