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The Time Tourists is now available as an eBook!


Look for Time Tapestry, the second book in the series, coming in 2021.

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NEW! Signed author copies 

GladEye fiction titles include Tripping the Field, The Time Tourists, and the books in the Coastal Coffee Club series: Recipe for Dying, Dying for Diamonds, and Under A Dying Moon.

Go to our online store. Author-signed books only cost an extra $3.

GladEye press Books

A Coastal Coffee Club Mystery
A Coastal Coffee Club Mystery
A Coastal Coffee Club Mystery
A wild ride through some pretty unstable literary terrain!
SALE! Danger. Romance. Time Travel!
SALE! One woman's story about teaching in the Alaskan bush.
$6.95 SAVE $10!
10 Takes from 10 authors on living and writing in the Northwest.
Always know where the party is in Washington state.
Free with purchase of any title
Explore Oregon's bounty of fantastic events.
Special savings!
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Does not include author signed copies.

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